Welcome to Space to Be.

Hello and welcome! 

I will be running a series of free online meditation sessions to help people build resilience in these challenging times.  Please follow the link to read more:


Living our lives fully is a creative process and it takes a lot of courage and a lot of heart.  We live in a world that puts a very high value on achievement and success.  For many people life can feel as if it is being consumed by a never ending burden of busyness, anxiety, stress and exhaustion.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to accomplish what needs to get done… and feeling peace and contentment and joy become fantasies that belong to a distant future.

Space to be
 offers an opportunity for re-inhabiting our lives moment by moment. Combining the superhero strengths of mindfulness and creativity, I offer a variety of courses, day retreats, mindful evenings, and events aimed at restoring well-being and personal freedom.  In addition to traditional 8-week mindfulness courses, I also offer mindful living classes — opportunities for practising mindfulness in the messy, less formal arenas of food, relationships, family life and work.The practice of mindfulness is really about connection – about coming up close to our experience, and letting go of the assumption that we already know what’s happening.  Through observing our thoughts and emotions without criticism, and bringing a sense of compassion to what is unfolding in our internal and external world, we learn to catch negative thought patterns before they pull us into a downward spiral.

Mindfulness reintroduces an element of control back into our lives.  We no longer have to be ruled by our knee-jerk, emotional reactions.  Breath by breath, we learn the transformative potential of curiosity, kindness, acceptance and non-judgement.

I look forward to helping you carve out your own… Space to Be.

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