8 Week Mindfulness Course


8-Week Mindfulness Course
Wednesdays from October 5th – November 23rd

Venue:  Richmond Upon Thames College, Twickenham

Early bird discount of £175 if you sign up before September 7th, 2016

(This includes eight 2-hour sessions, an emailed course booklet, guided meditations and movement practices for download as MP3’s, and a Day of Mindfulness on Saturday, November  12th — 10am- 4pm.)

There are some sliding scale placements for students who are on a low income.  Please contact Andrea to discuss.

Are you interested in becoming more intimate with your mind?  This highly experiential course provides a coherent structure for touching the mystery of what it is to be alive, through the practice of mindfulness and self acceptance.  Week by week, we will be learning the skill and the art of bringing awareness to body, breath, mind and heart.  In doing this we will be building our capacity to aim and sustain the attention, and to inquire into and explore what we perceive with at attitude of non-judgement.  At the end of 8-weeks participants will have a much better understanding of how they can come into relationship with their lives in a gentler, and often more inspiring and invigorating way.

Practicing mindfulness in a group has many advantages.  Listening to the experiences of other students can be reassuring, practical, and deeply moving.  Through facilitated dialogues we will be looking closely at the complicated web of body sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Interestingly, what unfolds in five minutes of silence often reveals some of the deep habitual patterns that play out in our everyday lives.

Each class will contain a mixture of guided meditation, inquiry and discussion, learning exercises, and formal teaching.

In addition to the meditations and exercises that we do in class, students will be expected to practice at home for at least 30 minutes a day.  This home practice is a vital component of the course. Students will have an opportunity in every class to ask questions and receive feedback about their experiences during the week.  (If you are not sure you have the time to commit to home practice, you may not want to do a mindfulness course at this time).

Before being given a place on the course, potential students must have an in depth discussion with the instructor.  This is a wonderful opportunity for asking questions, and for discerning whether this course is going to provide a good fit at this moment in your life.

Courses tend to fill up quickly.  Please contact Andrea to express your interest.  

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