About Andrea

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Some people are drawn to mindfulness because they desperately want to calm down; Andrea began this journey because she wanted to write a novel…

Passionate about creativity and self-expression, she has used mindfulness in her own life to build emotional resilience and work with the challenges of being a writer and a teacher.

Andrea graduated with a BSc in Education with honours from the Pennsylvania State University in 2000 and has been teaching what she loves for the past 14 years – creative writing, cooking, TEFL, and mindfulness meditation. A firm believer in the importance of student and teacher empowerment, Andrea’s teaching style can best be summed up as: enthusiastic, heart-full, embodied, and compassionate.

She has trained with the Centre for Mindfulness Research at Bangor University and has also completed a 4 day training to teach the .b mindfulness curriculum, a program for secondary students created by the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Andrea hopes to bring the clarity and freedom of mindfulness to the stressful world of education, working with teachers, administrators, and teens.

Andrea completed a professional year-long training with The Mindfulness Institute between November 2014 and January 2015, an intensive course taught by Mark Coleman and Martin Aylward  —  two highly experienced meditation teachers who have both taught meditation for 20+ years in outstanding venues all over the world.

Andrea has had a committed daily meditation practice for the last ten years and goes on extended silent meditation retreats twice a year to deepen her mindfulness practice.

Over the last 8 years she has taught courses in schools, businesses, charities and community centres.






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