Cultivating Space to Be: An Introduction to Mindfulness


It’s official now…  The holidays are approaching!  For some people the lead up to Christmas and New Year can bring a lot of excitement and anticipation and joy while for others this time of year is synonymous with anxiety, stress and even depression.

Mindfulness, the art of deliberately bringing our awareness to the body, heart and mind, can offer an oasis when our lives feel like a runaway train.   During the busy month of December I have found this practice can introduce a much needed stability and peace to the usual yuletide chaos!  Mindfulness also offers a means of connecting with our lives in a deep and meaningful way so that we can rest and be nourished by the everyday beauty that surrounds us.

While I offer most of my courses in London where I live… I will be offering this 3-hour session on mindfulness meditation while visiting friends and family in Pennsylvania.  The class will include a brief talk on some of the most recent research on mindfulness –  its effect on the brain, on emotional resilience, and on our ability to relate to friends, family and the world.  There will also be many opportunities for sampling what mindfulness has to offer as I lead us through a variety of meditations:  sitting, walking, eating, and a body scan meditation which we will do lying down.  After each practice there will be time to explore what you noticed and what you felt and to ask any questions that may be arising as you explore this new way of looking at the world.

The cost of the session is $30.  All proceeds, however, will be going to the Art for Social Justice charity, a wonderful initiative powered by the love and compassion of Ann Marie Kirk, and sustained by the countless inmates who have transformed the way people think about the corrective justice system through the gift of their art.  All the money we collect will go to support the upcoming exhibit at the Free Library of Philadelphia which will help bring library services to all prisoners in the Philadelphia prison system.

Please join us for a day of inspiration as we explore and celebrate the mystery of being human!

Cultivating Space to Be: An Introduction to Mindfulness
The Pennridge Wellness Centre,
1281 Route 113 Unit A, Blooming Glen, PA, 18911

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014  –  1pm – 4pm

Cost: $30  (Please make cheques payable to Art for Justice)

There are a limited number of places and many people have already expressed an interest in the lead up to this event.  Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Email Andrea at

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Space to Be: An Introduction to Mindfulness

  1. Andrea, it was a calming and settling experience to sit with you in that beautiful, sunny space, and breathe, listen, and feel. We both enjoyed “tuning in” with you and the class. Thank you! Amy & Andy

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