Mindfulness and Food: A Vegan Cookery Course.

Young, thin Indian woman looks out the window

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016
Venue to be announced.

Part cooking class, part meditation, this course offers an opportunity to explore our relationship with food and with ‘everyday’ experience.  During the day we will be preparing a lovely vegan lunch which we will share as a group in the last hour.  While chopping and kneading, sautéing and seasoning, students will be encouraged to keep coming back to their present moment experience.

Vegan cookery, as a cuisine, has truly come into its own in the last 5 years and many chefs are including vegan dishes in their repertoire, drawn by the challenge of working without meat and dairy, and in awe of the gorgeous colours and flavours that come together on the plate.  Introducing a few vegan dishes into your weekly rota is an easy way of including more vegetables and whole grains in your diet and is also an action which has a profound impact on the planet.

Join us for a rare opportunity to engage the senses, connect with friends, experience brief periods of cooking in silence and discuss how ‘present moment awareness’ alters the experience of cooking.  The emphasis will be on bringing curiosity to an area of life that we often do with speed or exasperation or hidden expectations… and to see what we notice when we give ourselves more space.