Mindfulness Walk with FORCE

Saturday, April 21st, 2018
Meeting at the Shot Tower, Crane Park, TW2 6AA
(Please arrive at 10:45am for a prompt 11:00am start.)

This special walk, given in conjunction with FORCE (Friends of the River Crane Environment), is an opportunity to explore our relationship with nature — learning in the process how to build a sense of stillness, wonder, and emotional resilience through the practice of mindfulness.  Our path along the beautiful River Crane will include periods of mindful movement, breath meditation, silence and reflection.  Mindfulness is a practice which involves paying attention to our present moment experience with acceptance and non-judgement.  When we walk with mindfulness we open ourselves up to all of our senses.  If you’re interested in experiencing the River Crane through a different lens with an open heart and mind, please come along!

Sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for the weather on the day are recommended. Booking is recommended as FORCE would like to know how many folk will attend.  This event is part of a joint project between London Wildlife Trust and the Friends of the River Crane Environment to increase the knowledge and understanding of the River Crane and its wildlife and history.

Please contact Andrea to register.   In addition, please use FORCE’s https://www.force.org.uk/calendar/item/32715231 to register your intent to come.